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M35 Starfire Drape Mold

As featured on page 35 in the book - Joy of Fusing

The M35 Starfire Drape Mold enables fusers to create a shape that is very reminiscent of a blown glass vessel. The unconventional shape of this draping mold produces a surprisingly large bowl with six gentle waves that ripple around the perimeter.

The mold is 12” (30.5 cm) by 4” (10.2 cm) high and can be used in most medium-sized kilns with a firing chamber that is at least 13” (33 cm) in diameter (or square) and 5 1/2” (14 cm) high.


Creating a drape bowl on an M35 Starfire is simple:

1. Cut one or 2 glass disks from 11" to 12" (28 to 31 cm) then decorate the top in any style that you like (download the Graffiti Design below).

2. Fire the disk to create a fused flat blank - use the schedule provided in the 12-page color booklet that is included with the mold.

3. Place your pre-fused flat blank on the M35 Starfire draping mold and set the kiln controller to the recommended drape fire schedule to shape the bowl

4. Then take the blown-glass effect to the next level by adding a stemmed foot using our C105 Circle Foot Casting Mold and our F500 Stackable Fusing Foot Rings.


This mold is packed for retail display in a crisp white box with a color label. The package includes the ceramic mold plus a 12-page color booklet with information for mold preparation and placement, step-by-step instructions for one complete project and a photo gallery featuring additional innovative bowl designs. Purchase details here.

The Graffiti Bowl shown below was shaped on the M35 Satrfire mold and has a stemmed foot that was added during the drape firing using the C105 Foot Casting Mold along with the F500 Stackable Fusing Rings.


GeoStraws Goldman Style 10 5/8” x 7 1/2” x 4” (27 x 19 x 10 cm)

This Graffiti Bowl - eProject is available for free, see details below


FREE - Graffiti Bowl ePattern for the M35 Starfire Drape Mold with Step-by-Step Instructions to add a Stemmed Foot using the Foot Mold and Rings System.

The M35 Starfire Drape Mold is featured in Wardell Publications book ‘Joy of Fusing’ (on page 35). This unusual mold enables fusers to create a shape in their kiln that is strikingly reminiscent of a blown glass bowl. This full-size ePattern for the Graffiti Bowl is provided to support the detailed instructions in the 12-page color booklet that is included with the M35 Starfire Drape Mold or the B235 Starfire Bundle.

To get this Graffiti Bowl eProject simply Register your Starfire Mold then download the eProject immediately.

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